ISTeC Doctoral Student Scholar Award

The Doctoral Student Scholars Program recognizes excellence of individuals that hold promise of making a significant impact in the ISTeC areas of interest. These areas include the design and innovative application of computer, communication, and information systems. The intent of the program is to reward exceptional students early in their Ph.D. studies.

The ISTeC Doctoral Student Scholar is a one-time award, and once awarded, the student will retain the title of ISTeC Doctoral Student Scholar until graduation. It is intended that the ISTeC Doctoral Student Scholar Program awardees will compose a student group in the areas of interest of Information Science and Technology.

Application Information


2012-2013 Academic Year

  • Jamie Fuller (Ecology/Anthropology)
  • Timothy M. Hansen, (ECE)
  • Ryan Friese, (ECE)
  • Upulee Kanewala, (CS)

2011-2012 Academic Year

  • Dulanjalie Dhanapala (ECE)
  • Bhavesh Khemka (ECE)
  • Christopher Wilcox (CS)